Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Phantom Tollbooth (Minor Project) - Gaint - Influence Map

Before doing some thumbnail of the Gelatinous Giant I done some research.  

Gelatinous - having a jelly-like consistency.

Book description of The Giant -
For, quite accidentally, they had stepped into the callused hand of the Gelatinous Giant.
He was an incredible size even sitting down, with long unkempt hair, bulging eyes, and a shape hardly worth speaking of. He looked, in fact, very much like a colossal bowl of jelly, without the bowl.
"I have no shape of my own, so I try to be just like whatever I'm near. In the mountains I'm a lofty peak, on the beach a broad sand bar, in the forest a towering oak, and sometimes in the city I'm a very handsome twelve-story apartment house. I just hate to be conspicuous; it's really not safe, you know." Then he looked at them again with hungry eyes and wondered how well they'd taste.

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