Monday, 25 January 2016

Minor Project - After Thoughts

Overall I am pleased with all the models however unfortunately I was unable to fully complete all the characters. The early stages of my projects were really slow and this is where I feel I lost time. For the major project I'm going to set weekly targets so I can manage my time properly and get everything done. Also, I want to come in regularly so I can get help with Alan, when it comes to corrective blend shapes for the giant and texturing in Mudbox.

The next steps of my project are (no particular order): 
  1. Complete skin texture on Milo and other small details
  2. Humbug - Completed facial rig 
  3. Giant - Rig Character 
  4. Looking back at the giant, I'm not fully satisfied with his colour development, therefore I want to go back and improve this
  5. Texture Giant and Humbug using mud box 
  6. Compete Animatic + get voice over actors 
  7. Start Animating 
  8. Look into book companies and start building art of - Character expression sheets, poses, etc

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